• Gang Ma Sa Mun
  • Pad Prik Khing
  • Pra Ram Long Song
  • Kauy Theo Nam
  • Pad Seeiew or Pad Thai
  • Pung Ka Ree Fried Rice

  • Larb, Nam Sod, & Yum Tale

  • Koong Haum Pa

  • Satay & Spring Rolls


Harvest Moon Natural Foods was founded in 1994 previously know as Vitamins Plus. Through the years it has provided the Winchester community a place for people to comfortably seek advice on supplements and products that tend to their specific health need. Harvest Moon is now located in Creekside Station at the top of the hill. We offer an array of health products such as vitamins, supplements, essential oils, organic dairy, allergy-free products, and fresh fruit smoothies. Owner and operator Jill Kerr and her knowledgeable team are determined to provide customers with the highest quality of service and products. If we don't have a certain  product you are looking for in the store we will custom order the product for you. Come see us and ask how you can start to eat healthfully and live a healthier life. 

About Harvest Moon Natural Foods